bursa copulatrix

bursa copulatrix
1. A genital pouch of numerous invertebrates.
2. In certain male nematodes and acanthocephalans, a modified caudal ala or alae, circular or oval, may be divided into two lateral symmetrical or asymmetrical lobes, separated by a dorsal lobe, and supported by rays or papillae; bursa.
3. (ARTHROPODA: Insecta)
A female copulatory pouch developed from the tubular vagina in the genital chamber for reception of the male aedeagus; see genital chamber.
A copulatory pouch or sac for receiving sperm that will be stored for only a brief period; copulatory bursa; see seminal receptacle.
5. (PLATYHELMINTHES: Turbellaria)
In planarians, a blind pouch that holds the secretions from the penis and adenodactyl gland (muscular organ), which then activates the sperm.

Online Dictionary of Invertebrate Zoology. . 2005.

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